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Stavroula Christopoulou

Christ V Stav    



..Quis hic locus, Quae regio, Quae mundi plaga..
..What world is this, What kingdom, What shores of what world..

..Something Shared, Something Blue..

..of my Existence

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Lhasa De Sela - Where Do You Go

..the Highest Depths..

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Madrugada - Salt

Sliding into..

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Madrugada - Strange Color Blue


Inside this dream
I will summon upon 
all my enemies
And one by one
they will all feel
the power of my ruins
Stones to build civilizations
Rocks to bring them down

..The StoryTeller..

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Devastations - Previous Crimes

long, long time ago 

a Man gave me a reason 

to be a Woman again 

and instead of

planning a murder 

i sensed that                     starting a religion


would be for once more 

special, beautiful and unique

and this is how 

an Immortal Story begins


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Cat Power - Werewolf

-Η Ενιαιότητα εντός της Δυαδικότητας-

..The TruthTeller..

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Ane Brun - One More Time

Time is ageless

because it doesn't 

believe in itself

Maybe it is doubt

that will set us free

In this wasted moment

of mine

You are ancient


and eternal


..Velvet Morning..

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Gil Scott Heron - Where Did The Night Go

..VV4TCH 1N51D3..

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Woven Hand - The Speaking Hands



* Λευκές Μέρες, Χρήστος Πυθαράς, εκδ. Αστάρτη, σελ. 24, στ. 8 - 9
* Βασισμένο σε φωτογραφία του Joey L. από το πρότζεκτ "The Cradle of Mankind"

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The Cinematic Orchestra - Arrival of The Birds and Transformation