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Stavroula Christopoulou

Christ V Stav    


Stavroula Christopoulou

She was born in 1982 and is a surrealist artist based in Athens, Greece. She graduated Philosophy Education and Psychology at Athens School of Philosophy majoring in Psychology (2000 – 2004). As a child, she found great interest in expressing herself through painting and drawing, therefore she decided to attend class at the Design School of Nikolaos Christophorakis in Athens, Greece (2002 – 2004).

Ever since she has been experimenting with several mediums such as charcoal, pens and coloured pencils on fine drawing paper and has evolved her work through her own personal experience.

Her art is a combination of ideas and symbolisms, inspired by the art of photography, cinematography, music and poetry. Her work is a way of expressing one’s emotional and psychological state such as melancholia, sadness, isolation, the desire of breaking free, through detailed black and white charcoal paintings with intense contrast of light and shadow, whilst colours are rarely used and more in a symbolic way.

In March 2014, Booze Cooperativa in Athens, Greece hosted her first art exhibition called “We Turn in the Night, Consumed by Fire”, which consisted of thirteen paintings and one sculpture. Her second personal art exhibition, “Divergent Thinking – Listen Good, Feel Better”, was held in October 2015 at Black Duck in Athens and in February 2016 at Syndetiras in Patras.